UPP – Sell to the network

UPP – Sell to the Network

Individuals, condominiums and companies can enjoy the UPP. It becomes mandatory liability insurance and the installation will have to be performed by qualified entities.

Tariffs are now assigned based on a bidding model (auction). There will be a reference rate and amounts below it will have to be tendered. The tariff resulting from this auction will be valid for a period of 15 years, from the date of commencement of supply of the energy produced by the system to the public grid.

 There are three categories of access.

Registration in the Electronic System of Registration of Production Units – SERUP – admits three categories, with different tariffs according to their complexity:

  • Category I: register only of UPP;
  • Category II: UPP registration and installation of electrical outlet for charging electric vehicles;
  • Category III: registration of UPP and installation of solar thermal system or biomass boiler.

Rates for 2016:

The reference tariff for 2016 is € 0.095 / kWh6.

For categories II and III, the reference tariff increases respectively to € 0.105 / kWh and € 0.10 / kWh.

The tariff increases to € 0.11 / kWh in the joint installation of categories II and III.

The tariff also depends on the energy source used in the UPP:

  • Solar energy: 100% of the tariff (€ 0.095 / kWh);
  • Biomass or biogas energy: 90% of the tariff (€ 0.0855 / kWh);
  • Wind energy: 70% of the tariff (€ 0.0665 / kWh);
  • Water energy: 60% of the tariff (€ 0.057 / kWh)

Power for 2016:

The power available for attribution in 2016 is 15 MW, which is distributed in nine sessions:

  • March: 4.6 MW (category I – 1.6 MW, category II – 1,5 MW, category III – 1,5 MW);
  • April to November: 1.3 MW / month (category I – 0.5 MW, category II – 0.4 MW, category III – 0.4 MW).

The values of the registration fees are lowered.
The registration fees for the UPPs fall significantly10. For systems with installed power:

  • Até 1,5 kW: €30;
  • De 1,5 kW a 5 kW: €100;
  • De 5 kW a 100 kW: €250;
  • De 100 kW a 250 kW: €500;
  • De 250 kW a 1 MW: €750.


  • Obtaining additional income from the sale of energy and making it possible to meet expenses.
  • Return on investment in the medium term.
  • Long life (about 30 years).
  • Increase the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Profitability of underutilized assets (hedges).
  • Contribution to national energy dependence and to investment in renewable energies, according to ENE 2020.
  • Contribution to the economic, social and environmental development of the country.
  • Ensuring a sustainable future.