Forced Circulation

Forced Circulation System – Sanitary Water Heating

System composed of solar panels with storage tank support for domestic use. It allows the customer a significant savings of up to 80% in the annual cost of their electricity or gas bill. The accumulator provides hot water for several baths simultaneously and with high comfort, as a result of the constant temperature of the water.


In forced-circulation solar systems, the accumulator is installed inside the house (or in another protected location) and the panels are placed outdoors facing south. The absence of the roof deposit has aesthetic and energy advantages – it reduces thermal losses by contact With the cold air.
By the action of a circulating pump, the solar fluid circulates between the solar panels and the deposit coil, transmitting the solar energy to the water.
Unlike thermosyphon systems, the accumulator is placed vertically, which allows a better stratification of the temperature levels of the total volume of hot water.
Energy support may be provided by other water heating equipment (heat recovery, boiler, water heater or heat pump) that is connected to the upper coil of the tank, or to an electrical resistance.