Thermosiphon System

Compact domestic solar water heater with thermosyphon operation, which takes advantage of the decrease of water density with its temperature increase. Specific solutions designed for sloping or roof sloping in a safe and functional way. Selective flat solar collectors, double vitrified tank accumulator, with double protection anode in magnesium. Discrete finish of the collector and accumulator in shades of gray.



In these solar systems, the circulation of water is made by thermosyphon effect. This phenomenon is based on the difference in density between cold water and water heated by solar radiation. For this to happen, panels must have a certain minimum slope and the deposit must be installed at an upper elevation. Thermosyphon systems are suitable for heating small volumes of water because they are more economical and reliable. They have fewer components than other solar systems, such as the circulating pump and the controller. They work with the water pressure of the network and do not occupy space inside the housing. On days of less sunshine, or even without sunshine, water heating is guaranteed by the system and usually supports an electric resistance or water heater.