UPAC – Autoconsumo

       UPAC – Autoconsumo

In these systems the energy produced is instantaneously injected directly into the General Frame of the installation and used preferably in relation to the Network

By consuming the energy it produces, the user reduces dependence on the energy marketer, also reducing the amount of the monthly invoice.

The production unit for self-consumption (UPAC) allows locally to produce its own energy and directly contribute to the reduction of the energy costs of housing.
Individuals, condominiums and companies can enjoy the UPAC. It is mandatory liability insurance and the installation will have to be performed by qualified entities, except in the case of self-consumption kits up to 1,5kW.

For both cases, if the producer wants to sell the surplus produced, a farm license and an accountant are required. The energy will be sold at a tariff of up to about € 0.05 / kWh produced and a registration fee will need to be paid to SERUP (electronic system for registration of production units). For installed power with RESP injection:


If the producer does not want to sell the surplus to the network, you will need a device that limits the power injection.

In UPAC ≤ 1.5 kW the scheme is highly simplified, with only prior communication (SRUP) required.

Production Limits

If UPAC annually produces more than necessary for the place of production, the injection of the energy not consumed in the public network will not be remunerated.

Records are required for units without injection in the network:

The registrations and fees with SERUP differ according to the power to be installed.

  • Below 200 W: no communication and no fee;
  • Between 200 W and 1,5 kW: Prior and no-charge communication;
  • Between 1.5 kW and 1 MW, registration and operating certificate are required with the following fees:

o    For installed power between 1.5 kW and 5 kW: € 70;

o    For installed power between 5 kW and 100 kW: € 175;

o    For installed power from 100 kW to 250 kW: € 300;

o    For installed power between 250 kW and 1 MW: € 500;

  • Above 1 MW: production and operating license.

Self-consumption is more advantageous.

With the new legislation, the regime that makes the most sense is self-consumption, since the savings are higher (this value involves price per kW + VAT + excise tax).

This program is regulated by the Decreto-Lei nº 153/2014 Of 20 October.